CONSTRUCTION of a $12 million new greyhound racing track at Logan will commence in May this year, delivering on the Newman Government’s election promise to rejuvenate the racing industry in Queensland.

Racing Minister Steve Dickson said the one turn track development was of pivotal importance to the future of the greyhound industry.

“The project will be funded through the Newman Government’s $110 million Racing Industry Capital Development Scheme,” Mr Dickson said.


RACING Queensland (RQ) in conjunction with the Toowoomba Turf Club (TTC) today released the results of a recent performance analysis illustrating the positive impacts of the return to grass racing at Clifford Park, launched on December 31, 2013.

The analysis reviewed key performance indicators on wagering, race starters, attendances and food and beverage sales. The comparison took in the nine comparable meetings run in 2014 on the new StrathAyr track with those run in 2013 on the synthetic cushion track.

The analysis found that para mutual wagering turnover through Tattsbet has increased 41 per cent year-on-year totalling $5.6 million. This sign of consumer confidence illustrates punters preference to wager on the new multi-million dollar StrathAyr track at Clifford Park.

RACING Queensland (RQ) with the unanimous support of the Queensland industry today presented a revised Queensland Thoroughbred Investment Scheme (QTIS) program to the Racing Minister the Hon. Steve Dickson.

The program would require an annual injection from the State Government of $6.5 million. This would see the Queensland program return to its position as the number one breeding program in Australia.

RQ CEO Darren Condon stated that the introduction of the reinvigorated QTIS program would ensure that benefits of QTIS would exceed that currently offered in the southern states.

THE Queensland Government has demolished long-established bureaucratic barriers to enable Australia’s first quarter horse racing industry to be established in Queensland. 

IN a MEDIA RELEASE from TEXAS in the United States, Premier Campbell Newman said that the government’s willingness to grant a new control body license for quarter horse racing had sparked interest in a potential $60 million investment in the Mary Valley to build a new equestrian facility.

MEMBERS of the Bob Bentley Board have issued a statement responding to the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into racing during their years of running the industry in Queensland.

We have decided to run this response in full as sections of the mainstream racing media, that were keen to bag the Bentley Board, don't seem interested. It is only fair that all sections of the industry are given their say and right of reply. 

The Bentley Board response reads:

RACING Queensland (RQ) is pleased to announce that Allan Reardon has been appointed Chief Stipendiary Steward of Queensland thoroughbred racing.

Allan brings to the role over 20 years of experience having fulfilled senior roles in thoroughbred racing administration throughout Australia.

The Ipswich Turf Club (ITC) track will undergo a $350,000 restoration funded by Racing Queensland.

Work will commence today following the ITC meeting, with racing set to resume on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.

Racecourse Infrastructure & Operations Manager Bill Shuck will oversee the project as part of his secondment to Racing Queensland.

FOLLOWING an extensive recruitment process, Racing Queensland (RQ) is pleased to announce the appointment of Sam Woolaston to the position of Senior Steward based in Townsville.

Sam comes to the role having served as Deputy Chairman of Stewards in the Central and Western Districts and Northern Rivers District of New South Wales. In 2010, Sam returned to the Sydney Metropolitan Panel based in Newcastle, a position he has held until the present time.


THE Brisbane Racing Club has appointed Dave Whimpey as its new Chief Executive Officer.

Mr Whimpey will join the BRC on February 24, bringing a rich corporate background in hospitality, events management and operations with some of the nation’s best-known companies.

SINCE our story - which is still on the home page - about the race-call of the Bernborough Handicap from Toowoomba on New Year's Eve we have had many calls concerning broadcaster Pat O'Shea.

The majority backed our suggestion - that in view of the serious illness he has been battling - perhaps his call of the main race suggested he should hang up his binoculars.

Having heard the circumstances surrounding that call - and we did admit in that story that Pat never missed a beat for the rest of the night - it would seem that there were excuses for his failure to identify the winner.

Some will say well how did he manage to get the rest right. It seems there were technical issues that affected both his broadcasting equipment and binoculars, not to mention the public address system on the night - that should have been sorted out beforehand.

Pat doesn't want to use his illness as an excuse and to his credit refused to raise what happened in the broadcast box that caused the embarrassment for him.

It is time that someone in an official position came out and told the racing public exactly what happened. Otherwise the calls on social media - which all we did was repeat - will continue for him to retire. If it wasn't his fault the correct facts need to be told.  

We understand that Racing Queensland and the Toowoomba Chronicle will be attempting to present the correct facts, hopefully the local newspaper will interview Pat O'Shea and get things out in the open: Here is what has been posted by an unidentified official on the TTC website:

THERE has been some comment on Toowoomba broadcaster Pat O’Shea’s call of the Listed Bernborough Handicap in Toowoomba on New Year's Eve.

I would like to clarify that his race call was hampered by technical difficulties in the Toowoomba broadcast box which interfered with Mr O’Shea’s broadcast equipment and binoculars.

This was very unfortunate and we apologise for any negativity this has created surrounding the race broadcast.

As we wrote in the original story on New Year's Day - after social media had plenty to say about the issue and many others contacted us - on the surface it did not appear one of Pat's better calls. We have the utmost respect for him and if it was not his fault then we are happy to run a story explaining exactly what did happen.


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