RACING has always been about winning and losing but in the legislation that was put before the Queensland Parliament last week there could be only one winner – that’s a fact of political life.

Many members from both sides of the House had their say with the Labor Government using its numbers to push the legislation through and the LNP Opposition promising to reverse it if successful at the next election.


DESPERATE times call for desperate measures and there are those concerned for the future of Queensland racing who insist they are prepared to take desperate steps in the hope of delivering the industry a minor miracle.

This is the story of a group who call themselves HOOT (Hands off our Tracks) and as unbelievable as it may sound I am assured there is an element of truth to what a few of their number are about to do.

SKY CHANNEL promised punters a new revolution in racing coverage but it would seem the more things change the more they stay the same.

When it was announced that Sky Channel 2 and Sky Racing World would join the stable, two of the main goals identified were more choice for punters and less congestion.

THE enforced apology by Stathi Katsidis over his controversial claims concerning the alleged use of party drugs by jockeys highlights the incredible hyprocacy of an industry that seems hell-bent on hearing no evil, seeing no evil and speaking no evil.

Katsidis learnt a hard lesson speaking out of turn to an over-zealous racing writer chasing a head-line grabbing story and had little option but to back down after being hauled before stewards in two states and was called on by racing officialdom in Sydney to substantiate his claims.

IT comes as no surprise that some of his industry critics are trying to capitalize on the storm in a wine glass that has engulfed Queensland Shadow Racing Minister Ray Stevens for daring to have a few too many birthday drinks with a Parliamentary colleague.

Stevens has become a real thorn in the side of Queensland Racing in recent times but it was disturbing to learn that those who allegedly dropped a bucketful on him with the media were from within the ranks of the LNP, apparently encouraged by a great supporter of Bob the Builder.

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