RACING Queensland Limited (RQL) stewards have today dismissed objections lodged against the ownership registration of several 2013 Magic Millions Classic runners.

On January 30, 2013, formal objections under AR.161 and AR.166(a) and (d) of the Rules of Racing were lodged with RQL stewards in relation against:

a)    Real Surreal;

b)    Global Dream;

c)    He’s A Ladies Man; and

d)    Missy Longstocking.

The objections related to the Jeep Magic Millions two-year-old Classic (Race 6) held at the Gold Coast on January 12, 2013.

In each instance, the basis of the objections was that the relevant horse had not been registered in accordance with the Rules.  Specifically that there may be undisclosed male ownership interests in each of the horses that should have been included on the RISA register. 

Following receipt of the objections, the stewards were satisfied that the objections were properly made under the Rules and that the objector was legally entitled to lodge the objection.  Accordingly, the stewards commenced four separate objection processes.

Withdrawal of Objection - Missy Longstocking

On March 14, 2013, the objector sought the leave of the stewards under AR.170 to withdraw the objection against Missy Longstocking. 

As the objection process had progressed significantly by this stage, the stewards sought the views of the owner prior to determining this issue. The stewards decided to grant the objector leave to withdraw the objection on the following grounds:

a)    The owner was willing to consent to the application to withdraw the objection; and

b)    Based on the stewards’ own independent assessment of the evidence, there was no reasonable evidence or basis upon which the objection that had been lodged by the objector could be upheld by the Stewards. 


Accordingly, on March 14, 2013, the objection against Missy Longstocking was formally withdrawn. 

Outcome of Objections – Real Surreal, Global Dream and He’s A Ladies Man

The stewards have today dismissed the objections against Real Surreal, He’s A Ladies Man and Global Dream.  A copy of the Stewards Report for each objection is available on the Racing Queensland website. 

Stewards’ discretion to exercise compulsive powers

Throughout the objection process it was submitted that the stewards should seek to engage their compulsive powers to require production of further documents from the owners in order to require the owners to positively and definitively prove the bone fides of the ownership of the respective horses. 

The stewards consider that along with the powers provided to stewards under the Rules there comes an equal obligation to ensure that those powers are exercised in a responsible and appropriate manner. 

It is the firm view of the stewards that if an objection regarding the bone fides of a horse is lodged which does not provide any credible or relevant evidence beyond mere speculation it will generally be inappropriate for stewards to seek to engage their wide ranging and invasive powers to commence an investigation into the personal affairs of the parties involved.  In fact this proposition if taken a step further represents a reversal of the onus of proof which would conflict with proper process under the racing judicial system. 

Ultimately, after giving detailed consideration to the evidence provided by both the objector and owners in each objection, the stewards were satisfied that the evidence provided by the owners confirmed the accuracy of the ownership details contained on the register. 

Based on the evidence provided by the parties during the objection processes, the Stewards considered that there was no reasonable basis upon which the stewards could invoke their compulsive powers and to do so would amount to an inappropriate fishing expedition into the personal affairs of the individuals concerned.