RACING Queensland CEO Darren Condon says the industry’s future success hinges on its ability to sell a contemporary racing experience to the next generation of race goers.

On the eve of releasing Racing Queensland’s Strategic Plan 2014-17, Mr Condon said Racing Queensland’s vision would be built around capitalising on the industry’s strengths, connecting with communities and driving innovation to offer the ultimate consumer experience.

“As a sport we have an amazing spectacle to offer, but to compete with other sports, we need to be providing our consumers with an experience that entices them to return to the track or attend a meeting of one of our other codes,” Mr Condon said.

“We have looked at ways we can improve the experience through using better technology, improved infrastructure and working in partnership with our clubs to engage with people by capitalising on that spectacle.

“We acknowledge these things won’t change overnight, but this is a vision Racing Queensland will be using as criteria when making decisions that impact the future of our industry.

“Racing people by nature are passionate about what they do, but as an industry we must be selling that passion to new consumers and promoting our stars, who are the horses, greyhounds, jockeys and trainers.”

Mr Condon said the strategic plan outlined objectives across all parts of the business, including animal welfare, integrity and stewarding and becoming a data-driven industry.

“The safety of participants and animals must remain the highest of priorities for Racing Queensland and over the next three years we hope to join the likes of Victoria in leading the way on animal welfare,” Mr Condon said.

“Racing Queensland is determined to make Queensland a leader of the animal welfare cause through initiatives such as GAP and our new thoroughbred rehabilitation program.

“Under the guidance of our Integrity Regulatory Unit, Queensland is currently considered a leader in greyhound swabbing in the country, but we must continue to explore the latest methods and technology when it comes to integrity and stewarding.

“From a technology perspective, the industry must be exploring new ways to capitalise on technology from the visual experience provided on race days to its management of ticketing and its drug control processes.

“Our ability to capitalise on advancements in technology will be a key factor in engaging new consumers in both domestic and international markets. We need to be providing the ultimate visitor experience at all of our facilities.”