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RACING Queensland has stood down a further 23 greyhound trainers as part of its ongoing investigations into the same training track at Churchable used by other warned-off and suspended trainers.

CEO Darren Condon said after reviewing further video footage, Stewards had cause to commence inquiries into the individuals and stand them and their greyhounds down immediately pending further investigations.

“When we began this investigation we said we would leave no stone unturned and through our ongoing investigations it has become apparent there were a number of individuals using this facility for illegal training practices,” Mr Condon said.

“Each of the trainers stood down were at least present at that track and as a result Stewards have stood them down immediately to understand their involvement.

“The people suspended today will now face Stewards’ inquiries and the broader investigation from our end will continue.”

Mr Condon said Racing Queensland did not intend to seize greyhounds owned or trained by the suspended people at this stage; however the greyhounds would be suspended from competition immediately pending further investigations by stewards.

Racing Queensland has recently introduced a return to race policy, which is applicable to any greyhound that is suspected of being exposed to illegal training practices.

“This process entails three trials over a minimum of three weeks with conditions to be set by stewards and an assessment of the dog’s behaviour in those trials,” Mr Condon said.

“Our highest priority is the welfare of the greyhounds and this policy will ensure that if these greyhounds are to return to race, they have been through a comprehensive assessment, which has been endorsed by a number of vets and the RSPCA.”

Mr Condon reaffirmed Racing Queensland’s commitment to rid the sport of animal cruelty practices and drive change within the industry.

“We will continue to take strong action to address allegations and evidence of illegal training practices and we have implemented a range of initiatives and rule changes to improve animal welfare protections in greyhound racing,” he said.

The measures implemented by Racing Queensland include kennel inspections across the state for evidence of animal cruelty, new local rules banning animal products on training lures, a levy on prizemoney and subsidies to raise $1.6 million annually for animal welfare and integrity initiatives and new requirements for trainers nominating dogs for racing.


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