IT’S time the All Codes Board of Racing in Queensland took the necessary steps to bring an end to the barbaric acts that continue to dog greyhound racing in this State.

The all-powerful authority should order the Queensland Greyhound Board to offer a $1 million reward for information leading to the conviction of those responsible for the 55 carcasses found dumped near Bundaberg.

And as outrageous as it might sound, this $1 million should be taken from the prize-money pool for greyhound racing in Queensland. Someone in the industry knows something about this disgusting act and unfortunately the one factor that rules all in racing is money.


First it was live baiting know it is the slaughter of dozens of dead greyhounds in an act of mass cruelty that has sickened even investigators. This has to end and it is time for the Government, the Racing Minister, the Racing Industry All Codes Board and the officials running Greyhound Racing in Queensland (who should have stood down or been sacked long ago) to act.

The industry (in which there are a lot of good public) and the racing and greyhound racing public have had a gutful. It’s time to act and if another $1 million has to come out of the dog racing purse so be it. That’s a price well worth paying if those responsible end up in jail for a very long time.