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HE was one of racing’s greatest characters – and one of the north’s best trainers.

George Doolan was his name….

George passed away in the early hours of Tuesday in Cairns Base Hospital after a long and merciless battle with cancer.

A battle that took just about everything, except perhaps his famous sense of humour which he retained right to the very end.

He died squeezing the hand of his long devoted wife Viv, and the other idol of his life, daughter Jade.

 George had a colourful history. Firstly, as a policeman in Brisbane, then around the bush of country Queenbsland. His last posting was Ingham where he took out a trainer’s license that he held until the énd of last year when diagnosed with cancer.

He had been down and out a few times in the past two years but always managed to drag himself from the canvas for another bout.

But after watching his beloved football and the races on Sunday from home, he went back to palliative care on Monday where he died peacefully.

Her had many sayings, for just about any situation, but the one I loved best was his description of ‘someone he reckoned lacked ability, especially in the racing game’.

“What he knows about horses you could write on a postage stamp with a crow bar….”

I will always remember that – and will never forget the bloke. The ex copper who dressed up on the big race days in Cairns with a pink tie….smothered with little pigs….

How could you forget him?