RACING Queensland Stewards have today disqualified Apprentice Luke Tarrant from racing for a period of six months after he pleaded guilty to taking a banned substance.

Tarrant today pleaded guilty to a charge under AR81A(1)(a), in that on 2 December 2015 he provided a sample of urine to the Stewards, which upon analysis was found to contain substances banned under AR81(B), namely the metabolites of cocaine.

In determining an appropriate penalty in this matter, RQ Stewards took into account the submissions made by Tarrant regarding his personal circumstances as well as his guilty plea.

Stewards also recognised the serious nature of the substance and the potential to compromise the safety of his fellow riders and the horses that he competed against on the above-mentioned date.

It was the Stewards’ decision that Tarrant be disqualified from racing for a period of six months to commence on 13 January 2016 and to expire on 13 July 2016.  Apprentice Tarrant was advised he would be required to reapply for an Apprentice Jockey’s licence prior to the expiration of the disqualification.

Apprentice Tarrant was advised that he must comply with the provisions of AR81A(4) and deliver a sample free of any banned substance under AR81B before being permitted to handle any horse or ride trackwork again.

Tarrant has been offered counselling through Racing Queensland’s Jockey Welfare Officer Jenny Schofield and also access to Sports Psychologist Rachel Jones.

Under the new Racing Queensland Apprentice Program, which commenced in January 2015, all apprentices attend drug and alcohol awareness programs on a regular basis.


The Program has also coordinated coping and resilience workshops in relation to life as a professional jockey.