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THE Queensland Racing Integrity Commission has reassured concerned industry stakeholders that they are aware of allegations that information is being illegally transferred from racetracks to a major gambling syndicate.

Letsgohorseracing sent a series of questions to QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett who referred these to Director of Licensing and Stewarding Ali Wade. We thank them on behalf of our readers for their prompt response and transparency on this issue.

Readers have asked LGHR to try and get some answers from QRIC about a number of issues.

The first question they wanted us to ask was: ‘Are you aware of the alleged activities on Queensland TAB tracks of associates of one of Australia’s biggest punters and allegations that they are transmitting information to him illegally?’

QRIC replied: “We are aware of the individuals (being) named and many others that actively participate in racing. We are not in a position to comment on any investigation on ongoing monitoring activities which will continue to increase with the assistance of the Queensland Racing Crime Squad and recently established intelligence unit within QRIC.”

LGHR question: “If so, what is being done to curtail this activitiy and more so have a photographer called on to show cause why his media credentials should not be removed?”

QRIC reply: “Any accreditation of Media is a matter for Racing Queensland.”

LGHR question: “Has any instruction been received from Racing Queensland that stewards cannot take action against these people because of the turnover (this gambling syndicate) is responsible for on the Queensland TAB (UBET).

QRIC reply: “No.”

A QRIC spokesman added: “One of the challenges we face is monitoring information that is open to the general public on an immediate international platform through the use of many different telecommunication devices to when it may cross over into more nefarious activities that may either be a breach of the Rules of Racing or potentially illegal activity.

“We monitor and will continue to monitor licensees online activities in racing, specifically jockeys and remind every that should they know of or encounter any suspicious activities please report to CRIMESTOPPERS.”

ON behalf of readers we also expressed concerns to RQ over the Media Accreditation held by two individuals. They have failed to respond to our request for information. One of these individuals allegedly has a criminal record.


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