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IT seems that the Wednesday Whinge is getting right up the nose of some individuals in racing. We received several e-mails this week warning us that there was bragging at two organizations in the racing industry that this column would not appear this week. Someone did try to hack into the website overnight on Monday and we again encountered some problems last night. We are documenting the e-mails with the names of those identities being linked to claims they will bring the site down and will not hesitate to take the necessary action to halt this vandalism of our site. All we can say is that something that is being run in the Wednesday Whinge must be hurting someone rather badly. That being the case we will continue down the similar track that we have for the past six months. What a pathetic industry this is when people have to take this sort of retaliation because they cannot cope with criticism or control what is said here.

Here is this week’s e-mail selection with a new feature that will be run regularly:



THESE are some of topics that we are running only excerpts from the e-mails for all sorts of reasons. This will become a regular feature just to let you know what is happening behind the scenes, so keep them coming:


  • WE received several e-mails warning us that certain individuals in an east coast racing state were bragging about how they would bring the web site down and how there would be no Wednesday Whinge this week.

They gave it a good shot, caused us problems and cost us money, but they failed to succeed. We will not be intimidated – which seems to be their modus operandi – but we have reported to the appropriate authorities what has been suggested to us and will not hesitate to take legal action if this continues.

  • THE controversial ‘Racing Bitch’ column out of Hong Kong reports:

‘MURMURINGS coming out of Melbourne suggest that Racing Victoria could be having second thoughts about appointing hot favorite Bernard ‘The Plodder’ Saundry to the soon to be vacant Chief Executive position.

‘And so they should,’ suggests the Racing Bitch, adding: ‘The mere fact that ‘the Plodder’ is considered a hot favorite for such a prime position in Victorian and Australian racing raises a raft of inconvenient truths about the abysmal dearth of talent in the pool of racing administrators Down Under.’

Reports suggest there will be an announcement within a week.

  • AND on the same topic from the racing scene in Queensland:

RUMORS continue to circulate that Brisbane Racing Club CEO Stephen Ferguson will soon join his old boss as CEO of Racing Queensland.

The e-mails that we are receiving from within the Deagon Bunker suggest that Ferguson is already playing a key role in the decision-making process with his stamp of approval needed for a raft of projects.

Only recently RQL announced that the maintenance and running of Deagon training track would be out-sourced to the BRC. It would be nice to know how much that will cost?

The more we hear about the new RQ Board the more it sounds like a return to the days when the QTC (now BRC) was running the show despite all the denials that it was likely to happen.

  • OUR informant from the World Racing Conference in Turkey produced an interesting statistic.

‘WHILE the majority of the major Australian racing states had very few representatives at the World Conference – in fact there was reportedly only one delegate from Victoria – the Sunshine Coast Turf Club from Queensland reportedly had three officials in attendance.’

We all know how they like a junket up on the Sunshine Coast but one would wonder what three representatives could possibly glean from the World Conference that could be put to good use at that venue when one surely could have done the job.’

  • THE word is strong that a controversial Victorian jockey and his family will feature in a report on Four Corners in the very near future.

Standby for some interesting reporting involving the family and a major investigation that has involved them. We are told it is a report that certain sections of the racing media weren’t prepared to pursue.



‘YOUR article is interesting on (the liquor licensing ban on) children at the racecourse (in Queensland).

I took my son when he was four (two years ago) to Royal Ascot (plus he has been to Belmont in New York, Calder Park in Miami, and of course a Wednesday meeting at Ipswich and a Rockhampton meeting on Friday).

He loved it and is now hooked (like he wasn’t going to be as a Douglas).

This year we all went to Royal Ascot for Black Caviar – there were children in the Silver Ring, Grandstand and even in the Royal Enclosure (they have to be over 10 but still - they didn’t have wear tails and hats).

It is ludicrous that Queensland has banned children from big events – just have a zero tolerance of bad behavior by adults.

Further in the UK they even let you bring your own food and alcohol to the track – Royal Ascot included (but only to the Silver Ring area only). Minimal arrests.

They really promote children at the racecourse with big children days – last Sunday they had close to 20,000 at Ascot for the Summer Carnival children’s day – racing was like an Aussie midweek day, but the atmosphere and activities was second to none.

Every race track in the UK allows children – it is what makes people enjoy going racing especially as a family and is the future of racing.’John Douglas (a Queenslander, now working in the UK).

EDITOR’S NOTE: John Douglas, the younger brother of Anthony (the Townsville-based lawyer well known to this website), has a high profile job with Marriott Hotels International in the UK. Here is some information from the Royal Ascot web site which shows how they promote the attendance of families at big race meetings in the UK which it wouldn’t hurt the authorities in Queensland to consider adopting:

Picnics: Customers are welcome to bring a picnic as long as it is brought to the Racecourse in a picnic hamper or cool bag/box. The picnic areas are situated on the Plaza Lawns and in the Old Paddock.  For the summer months picnics are permitted trackside in the designated picnic area to the East of the Grandstand.

Informal picnics are permitted into the car parks. However, formal entertaining will be stopped. Kitchen knives will not be permitted and will be confiscated upon entry.
We do not allow barbecues or hot food to be brought onto racecourse property, this includes all enclosures, coach and car parks.

Alcohol: Alcohol can only be brought in with a substantial picnic carried in a picnic hamper or cool box and it is limited to 1 bottle of wine or Champagne per person or 4 cans or bottles of beer, cider or pre-mixed aperitif.  All bottles must have the seals intact and any bottles of alcohol or soft drinks that have been opened will be confiscated and discarded at the racecourse entrances. Spirits, fortified wines and Pimm’s or similar will not be allowed onto the racecourse.



‘I thought your readers might like to know that a concerted push has begun on the Darling Downs to have Neville Stewart stand for re-election to the committee of the Toowoomba Turf Club.

Neville left the club in a terrific financial position and during his years there racing in Toowoomba never looked back. You could hardly say that about the current powers-that-be.

There are many starting to believe that unless Neville returns to help the TTC out of the big rut it is now in that racing on the Downs will continue to head down-hill faster than a roller-coaster with no brakes.

It is particularly important that we have a leader of the club in Toowoomba that is not simply a ‘yes’ man for the Chairman of RQ despite the obvious benefits that some might feel this implies.

The TTC has got all the hand-outs it is likely to receive from RQ because of the controversy that surrounded the initial one. We are doomed to continue to plug on in a political minefield headed by a chairman and committee that seem to have no direction or goals.

There are too many things happening behind the scenes that the members are being kept in the dark on. We are being treated like mushrooms – kept in the dark and fed bullshit. After the resignation of three committeemen there should be a requirement on the club to hold a by-election not to just say they will wait until the AGM.

The Bring Back Neville campaign is gaining momentum and even those who had a problem with his style of leadership in the past say that without his return there is no future for racing in Toowoomba.’Peter English, Darling Downs.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Whether you liked the way he operated or not, Neville Stewart did a terrific job when Chairman of the Toowoomba Turf Club and plenty was achieved during his era, the highlight of course the pioneering of twilight racing in Australia. Feelings have continued to run high since a terrible family tragedy cut short Neville’s chairmanship of the club. There is plenty of politics being played on the Downs racing scene and the resignation of three members of the Board led by Bob Frappell has raised questions about his leadership. The style of the two men is vastly different. Both are passionate about their racing and determined to do a good job for racing in Toowoomba. Perhaps a showdown at the AGM to determine whether the members want Frappell or prefer Stewart to return might cut short some of the in-fighting that is currently creating havoc for stake-holders on the Downs.



‘AS the partner of a Toowoomba Turf Club member, I noted with interest the contribution of your correspondent (who did not wish to be identified) about matters pertaining to the Toowoomba Turf Club in last week’s ‘Whinge.’

I decided to personally investigate these claims and interestingly found:

(1) Committeeman Allen Volz has not resigned.

(2) No current committee member was illegally elected.

(3) Rather than the suggested six-figure loss, a projected healthy profit will be announced at the next AGM.

I am surprised that a respected former racing journalist such as yourself would publish an e-mail from an anonymous peddler of lies without firstly investigating the claims.

I did.’ – Beth Watson, Toowoomba.

EDITOR’S NOTE: With respect I am sorry to say Beth that your investigative skills leave a little to be desired. I have been told that there is a connection between yourself and the family of TTC chairman Bob Frappell, who denies this. He maintins that he does not know you, has never heard of you and that as far as he is concerned Allen Volz is still a member of committee. He has however admitted that Allen has stated he may not stand for re-election. That is different to what several high profile people on the Downs are telling us that Allen has advised them. A fellow committeeman this week also confirmed that Allen had resigned so he must have got it wrong too. As for the Board member allegedly illegally elected well that should be investigated by the Integrity Department of RQ but as we don’t appear to have one that isn’t going to happen – which some would say is quite convenient given the relationship between some officials. As for the ‘projected healthy profit’ that you maintain will be posted rather than ‘a suggested six-figure loss,’ as our correspondent claimed, then the surefire way of resolving this argument is for the TTC Chairman to make an announcement – and for that one I don’t think he would need the permission of his mate, the RQ Chairman. But it is to be hoped that when the annual financial report is released the $300,000 (of whatever it was that RQ gifted the club) is included in the statement. The reason that some members of the club are raising the issue of the Volz resignation, which follows two others from the committee, is that they believe there should be a by-election for those positions (or at least one of them) before the AGM.



‘I read with interest the letter re another committee member of the Toowoomba Turf Club resigning.

It does not surprise me that a businessman and an ex-secretary with the club has become disillusioned with the business practices happening at the Toowoomba Turf Club.

I know I was and I could not have my name blackened after the barrister’s report vindicated my issues.

Being involved last year with a Full Barrister Appointed investigation initiated by RQL at the direction of the Racing Office, and seeing how many Australian Rules of Racing were broken as well as breaches of the Associations Incorporations Act (A.I.A) I am not surprised.

I also have shown the proof of the documentation pertaining to the illegally elected committee person at the TTC to a large number of TTC members who cannot believe their club would try and mislead the RQL integrity office last year as well as their own members.

Good Corporate Governance is in question, and was proved in the report by the Barrister and I have read through it many times recently.

Most important I think for the new RQL board is to be aware that they are:

"Obliged under the Racing Act to regulate and monitor its licensees, and take disciplinary action as necessary to ensure compliance with its own policies."

At this stage the new RQL Board has failed to do this and I have now passed onto the CMC the details of the failure of the current RQL stewards and Board involved, re their own policies.

It is black and white and for RQL it is Policy 81 (d), 81 ( i ) and 81 (p).

Interested people can see this policy on the RQL website as it is current legislated racing rules governing racing in Queensland.

It is up to someone else to maintain integrity as the RQL appointed personnel have not done so in regards to their policies and the Toowoomba Turf Club.

I am still happy to show members the minutes pertaining to the illegal committee member and the letter from RQL to prove false documents have been presented or something worse has occurred and RQL have covered up this investigation. They just need to come and see me to see the proof if they are too worried they will be vilified by going to the club.

It is time for new members who care for the club to nominate at the upcoming elections for the TTC. As I have paid my membership I may even do so myself.

We will have to wait and see. Anyone wanting to run for the committee should let me know and there will be plenty of support for you.’ - Anthony Burke, Toowoomba.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Because there has been a strong Toowoomba influence in this week’s Wednesday Whinge contributions several of those e-mails that we received were not run. Some of these raised the issue of why there has been no by-election to replace either of three committeemen who have resigned. Perhaps the Board feels it is too close to the AGM. We would be happy to hear what the real reason is from the Chairman Bob Frappell. Now we have a situation where there is a tip Neville Stewart could be making a comeback and Anthony Burke is also considering his options come election time. I am told pressure is being brought to bear on Peter Bredhauer to also stand for committee but that would mean he would have to relinquish his role on the First Level Appeals Board. Unfortunately, Bredhauer doesn’t seem to get the number of gigs that less experienced or respected members of that panel do. Here’s hoping when the appointment process is taken out of the hands of RQ – which is supposed to happen after changes are legislated in the coming months – that people like Peter Bredhauer will get the run they deserve.



‘THE season just ended has been a remarkable one for the Peter Moody stable and his No 1 jockey Luke Nolen, not only through the deeds of Black Caviar, but the great job this duo has done to promote racing not only in this country but in Victoria.

Sydney likes to trade on the achievements of Gai Waterhouse, Peter Snowden and in more recent times the new kid on the big block Chris Waller. But the form reversals and upset wins over stable-mates that occur within these big stables has left punters angry and upset.

I read with interest where one leading racing scribe for the Sydney Morning Herald said so what if the Waller outsider wins over a better fancied stablemate – that every owner is entitled to his winning chance and that is how Waller operates.

I think he said something like if it wasn’t for the owners there would be no racing. Sorry mate but if it wasn’t for the punters there would be no owners and no racing – so get your priorities straight instead of making your alley good by defending Waller.

One thing that needs to be pointed out is that when Peter Moody is asked about more than one runner in a race his forecast of the race outcome is close to correct 99 times out of 100. When the same occurs with Waller he is wrong 99 times out of 100 and they just laugh it off at him being a bad judge. He can’t be that bad surely.’ Howard Bruce, Melbourne.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The roller-coaster ride for punters continued in Sydney racing last Saturday when yet another outsider, specked of course, from the Waller stable upstaged its more fancied stablemate. It continues week in, week out. Gone are the days when the punters would have staged a monumental demonstration. Moody is a better judge. Waller is woeful – his record speaks for itself. As for horses from stables that perform inconsistently, a retired steward made an interesting suggestion to me this week. He believes that horses, regardless of who owns or trainers them, should be banished to provincial or country racing for a month if they continue to perform inconsistently and not be permitted to return to the city until they show they can be backed to run two races alike with some confidence.



‘MY mates and I are keen racing followers in Brisbane and want to make mention of how much we miss Mark Oberhardt’s contribution in the newspaper and on radio.

Not only were you always guaranteed a good laugh listening to Obe but he loved to tip a roughie and he always kept us up to date with the racing gossip in his Ear column in The Courier-Mail.

Instead of reading the boring political propaganda that we are subjected to by the best mate of the RQ chairman in the local fish and chip wrapper, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit of objective racing journalism for a change?

Perhaps your website should give Obe a run and provide him with a forum for his racing thoughts. I am sure he would have a mountain of information that the industry would love to hear but unfortunately he no longer has an outlet for.

We miss you Obe and hope that one day we will again hear you on the radio and read your thoughts on racing in the newspaper or on the internet.’ – Glen Pratt, Gold Coast.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We would love Obe to make a contribution to this website but I understand in his new role in communications with the Government there are some restrictions placed on his services. His weekly stint on Racing Radio in Brisbane and his ‘From the Horse’s Mouth’ segment in ‘The Ear’ column in The Courier-Mail are proving irreplaceable. We might have to start a petition to ‘Bring Back Obe.’



‘AS a breeder of a few mares over the years, I have been a member of the (TBQA) Breeders Association.

Sometimes it is worthwhile and other times a waste of energy, due to how it is run.

What has blown me away has been the arrival of information to my personal address from a (Darling Downs) stud.

You see, I have never given my address due to security of myself due to the nature of my business to anyone other than RQL for the QTIS registration.

For 18years I have always only used my PO Box details for security.

I phoned RQL to ask them if this list is available and they have told me categorically that it (the QTIS) is a CONFIDENTIAL List and NO ONE can get it to use for use such as the breeders or anyone else.

So it is of concern that a list is now with the Breeders that has confidential addresses on it that they are not authorized to use, according to my call to RQL.

I would like to know if the current chairman of the breeders has authorized the use of this confidential list, which they should not have to use, as it places questions over how they got it and also raises confidentiality breaches for all members of the breeders who gave personal details to RQL.

Due to my security job, and having this breeding document arrive direct from this (particular) stud, I will not be happy if other personal information is leaked to people who should not have it.

Due to being a small breeder of a few mares and my job in high security I cannot allow my name to be used.’ – Breeder from the Sunshine Coast.

EDITOR’S  NOTE: If the Chairman of Thoroughbred Breeders’ Queensland Association in Basil Nolen would care to respond to this concerning e-mail we would run his unedited reply. But Basil prefers to steer clear of controversy. In this case these are serious allegations which could even be investigated by the Integrity Department of Racing Queensland if they had one. That’s the same body that the LNP Government promised would be restructured and put under a new umbrella if they won the election. It’s the same body that plenty of critics claimed was a puppet of the Bentley Board. I guess there is no point anyone suggesting it is a puppet of the Dixon Board if it no longer exists. Where are all those ‘do-gooders’ who were crying out for an independent Integrity Branch prior to the election – conspicuous by their silence now.



‘I had the benefit of hearing the very interesting thoughts of one old stager on the pay-roll at Racing Queensland this week.

He tells me that the joint lives in fear of ‘breathing’ let alone talking to those ‘miserable websites with an axe to grind against the new RQ Chairman.’

My man insists that the poor Chairman of Stewards is so far out of his depth that he just jumps when he is ‘whistled.’


It appears the new Chairman got bamboo sticks stuck under his finger nails for the kind offer he made to the BRC as soon as his signature was recorded at the bank.

It also  appears that Mr Ferguson (the BRC CEO) is being pressured to make a move to take up his old roll of ‘lap dog’ to the Chairman.

What interesting times we live in.’Maurie Connor, Brisbane.

EDITOR’S NOTE: You keep this up Maurie and our Spy in the Deagon Bunker will have his nose out of joint. If ‘keeping the industry informed’ is ‘having an axe to grind against the new RQ Chairman’ then so be it. As for the Chairman of Stewards being out of his depth, help is on the way with Allan Reardon due to make his homecoming to RQ. That should relieve some of the pressure. Still no news on what is happening with the ‘invisible’ Integrity Department though. The tip about Stephen Ferguson joining his old boss Kevin Dixon at RQ has been around for a while. I’m backing it out, not that I don’t think he could do the job, but one of the reasons being I think they will eventually advertise the job and will be looking for an expert in the field of corporate bookmakers and the legal battle that lies ahead there.


DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in the above e-mails should not be interpreted as those of JOHN LINGARD, the owner of the letsgohorseracing web-site. That is why he has added an ‘EDITOR’S NOTE’. Every endeavor is made to verify the authenticity of contributors. We welcome any reasonable and constructive responses from parties or individuals.