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MELBOURNE’S Spring Racing Carnival has been an integral part of the city's culture for well over 100 years. Culminating in one of the world’s most prestigious horse races on the first Tuesday in November in the Melbourne Cup, the ever-vibrant city comes alive for the weeks leading up to the 'race that stops a nation'.

While the racing is obviously the focus, there is far more to the carnival than the horses and far more to the city itself. Carnival time is one of the best periods of the year to visit Melbourne and there's plenty to keep you busy when you're not trackside.

To start your day in Melbourne without a coffee would be borderline offensive in this caffeine-obsessed town. Soak up the European vibe by grabbing a seat at Degraves Espresso on Degraves St, ordering a latte and some breakfast, and make sure you've got a copy of the day's newspaper to read up on the latest form & racing news for the next race day.

Now that you've woken up properly, stroll across the Princes Bridge before taking your pick from either side of St Kilda Road. The eastern side will give you a relaxing walk through the beautiful Royal Botanical Gardens while the west leads to the National Gallery of Victoria, Australia's largest art gallery and home to a wide range of exhibitions all year round.

No doubt hungry after the morning's activities, you have an almost overwhelming array of choices for lunch. Melbourne is a truly multicultural city so you'll be able to satisfy any craving. The city's Chinatown runs through the eastern end of Little Bourke Street and is the perfect place to grab some dumplings or a bowl of noodles. The surrounding area is packed with other Asian cuisine, so if Ramen, Massaman Curry or Pho is more to your liking, it won't take you long to find your ideal spot.

From there, continue north through the city centre towards the Old Melbourne Gaol on Russell Street, where you can tour the prison grounds and brush up on your knowledge of Melbourne's criminal history in the era shortly after European settlement.

If the Gaol isn’t to your liking, wander a few more blocks north towards Carlton Gardens at the top of Spring Street, where amongst the grand old trees and floral displays you'll find the stunning old Royal Exhibition building which once housed the first Federal Parliament of Australia. Just behind the Exhibition Building is the Melbourne Museum, well worth a visit for the intriguing exhibits on nature and cultural history.

Just a few blocks westwards from Carlton Gardens is Lygon Street, home to Melbourne's huge Italian community and all the magnificent pizza, pasta and gelato that you'd expect to come with it. Fill up on delicious food here before making your way back down to the southern end of the city centre, because no evening would be complete without a few drinks to cap off a day well spent.

Alongside the Yarra River, there are numerous options to sit and enjoy a refreshing beer or cocktail with a beautiful view of the city. A few local favourites include Abory Bar & Eatery, which sits on the northern bank of the river between Flinders Street Station and the water and Ponyfish Island, a tiny island haven in the middle of the river underneath the Southbank pedestrian bridge. Failing that, just head to the strip along Southbank promenade where you can find popular destinations like Ludlow and The Breslin.

And after the perfect end to your day in this wonderful city, what's left to do but head home for a well-earned rest and make sure you're in top form before heading out to the racecourse in the morning? As of May 15th, Betway has last year’s winner Rekindling as the favourite to take out the 2018 Melbourne Cup at 20/1, so don't forget to keep an eye out before the odds shorten!



TOOWOOMBA thoroughbred trainer BEN CURRIE has been issued a direction to appear at a reconvened Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) Stewards' Inquiry on Monday 28 May, as part of the ongoing investigation into race day treatment at his Hursley Road Toowoomba stables.




AT a time when the WINTER CARNIVAL should be flavour of the month for racing in Queensland, sadly it is the CURRIE STABLE dramas that dominate the headlines and much of the discussion.

We have received a ‘truck load’ of emails on the disqualification of Mark Currie, who, all of a sudden, seems to be the most disliked man in Queensland racing. Please remember that Mark, like every other stakeholder, is entitled to the presumption of innocence pending his appeal.

No doubt once again LETSGOHORSERACING will be accused by Ben Currie’s legion of fans (not to mention those close to his family) of using the Whinge as a vehicle to attack the stable. That isn’t the case but as we have always said, if you don’t like what we publish then don’t read it. We believe that racing folk are entitled to a platform to air their views and criticisms, providing they are objective and do not breach the laws of defamation.

We have tried to be fair and selective in the Whinges relating to the Currie stable that we have elected to run. Many were repetitive, some were too hot to handle while others expressed a common concern which surprised us and that was a lack of confidence in the QCAT Appeals process which Ben Currie has hitched his wagon to since the disqualification for two years of his father Mark.

HERE are those we have elected to publish with the hope that the message others wanted to get across is still conveyed in some way:




‘I write to the Wednesday Whinge on behalf of a group of long-time, hard-working trainers in south-east Queensland who want to congratulate the Queensland Racing Integrity Commission on what they have already achieved in the Currie Inquiry.

It might be too early to crack open the champagne and start celebrating just yet (everyone is entitled to their right of appeal) but we would argue that more has been done by this group of much-maligned racing coppers from QRIC than a succession of high profile Racing Queensland Chief Stewards over the past decade or so.

Now before anyone starts branding us gutless or cowards for hiding behind anonymity, we don’t want to be harassed or threatened for having our say. We are told that some of the people at letsgohorseracing and would know exactly what we are talking about here.

For too long trainers have competed on what we believe to be a less than level playing field in south-east Queensland while the mainstream racing media, rather than even whisper the rumours that have been doing the rounds, have been content to suck the dick of an amazing training success story.

Who’s kidding who and hasn’t the tune of some of our turf media hot-shots changed now that the wind is blowing in the opposite direction for the stable at the centre of all the gossip?

QRIC has now found four staff of ‘champion’ trainer Ben Currie (one his dad, the de facto stable foreman and three other lackeys) guilty of serious breaches of the Rules of Racing on the day that heralded the start of a Queensland Carnival that will be remembered nationwide for all the wrong reasons.

It should be mentioned that from the start of this inquiry Ben – who the ultimate buck stops with – has maintained his innocence. So we are to believe that the stable foreman and the strappers were all doing these things they have been found guilty of without his knowledge. Rather than say ‘pigs might fly’, he has been charged with nothing at this stage and it is up to QRIC to determine what happens to the trainer himself before the curtain falls on this sordid tale.

Fellow trainers, especially those in Toowoomba, keep questioning how Mark Currie could be foreman for his stable when he has a training license of his own. They claim that for Currie snr not to be in breach of the Rules of Racing he should have entered into a training partnership with his son Ben. The stable responds with the question: Why then have stewards allowed this arrangement to continue? They have a good argument but many are asking, in the wake of what has allegedly occurred for some time in Toowoomba (prompting this secret QRIC surveillance and investigation), why didn’t the Chief Steward on the Downs take some action?

The appeal process has not yet begun and already there is a call for Mark Currie not to be granted a stay of proceedings because of the exceptional circumstances that apply to this case. That would be a denial of natural justice but perhaps he should be banned from being within a kilometre of any horse trained by his son until the hearing is finalized.

There is a growing school of opinion – trainers repeating what is allegedly the thoughts of a top stable under siege – that Currie snr is happy to ‘take the two-year hit’ for his son and see the appeal process dragged out until it is time for him to retire and ride off into the sunset. But surely the buck must stop with the trainer of a stable accused of such serious breaches of the Rules.

It is an insult for anyone associated with racing – from the stakeholders to the punting public – to be asked to believe that an intelligent, smart, freakish young trainer like Ben Currie had no knowledge what his dad and a team of his stable hands were allegedly doing to his horses before he threw the saddle on them and a big number came out, bolted in, landed plunges and improved the strike rate he enjoys that his fans keep telling us about. Give us a break!

Then, of course, we have the QCAT appeals body which few in racing have much confidence in considering some of the outrageous decisions handed down over the years. Like the bloke at the trots who admitted he was guilty of giving a horse a run but QCAT saw it differently and basically gave him a slap on the wrist. This from a body where one of the members once asked at a harness appeal: ‘What is that little chariot the guy is riding in behind the horse?’ Fortunately, after the work that QRIC has put into the Currie Inquiry, if things go belly up they are said to be prepared to take this matter to a higher authority.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and back to the purpose of this Whinge. Commissioner Ross Barnett and his team at QRIC have enjoyed a baptism of fire in racing. For too long the industry has become complacent under a succession of ‘do next to nothing’ Chief Stewards, the latest the one we arguably believe to be the worst of all, old Al, who should be marched into retirement sooner rather than later.’



HERE’S an email from the opposite side of the tracks sent by DICK SEYMOUR of CAIRNS:

‘THE circus that carries the moniker of QRIC has really hit base this time.

The former and once-respected Integrity Department of Racing Queensland is now an absolute joke and it’s time the ringmaster Ross Barnett and his second hand band of overpaid coppers bailed out of racing matters completely.

Barnett and his crew are, in my and the opinion of many others, an absolute embarrassment and the treatment of a Currie stable hand last week is in a word ‘abominable’.

The victim, known widely as Bronco, and said to be one of the best strappers in the business for worth ethic and sense of responsibility, is nonetheless a stable hand for Christ’s sake.

He is not the trainer (who, by the way, continues to make a complete fool of QRIC).

Bronco was doing a job he was no doubt directed to do by someone in authority at the stable.

Does Commissioner Barnett think he just went to the fridge, pulled out the gear of his own volition and squirted the contents down the horses’ necks?

How absurd and downright wrong to charge HIM and send him out for 18 months.

There should be a life sentence – for Barnett and his seemingly incompetent crew.

As Archie Butterfly (the biggest supporter that Ben Currie has for some strange reason – here’s hoping the stories doing the rounds about how they met aren’t right) might say: OH PUH LEASE.’



LES BARRETT of NORTH QUEENSLAND poses a question being asked by many in racing:

‘THIS whole Currie Inquiry embarrassment has me – and a lot of others who follow racing in Queensland – totally gobsmacked.

Now, I am well aware that the QRIC inquiries in this matter are far from complete – so perhaps therein lies the answer to the question I am about to pose.

How can three stable hands and the stable foreman (himself a trainer) all be outed over the Weetwood Day incident while not a thing has happened to the person who is ultimately responsible for what happens at the Currie stable, Ben himself.

Are we to believe that Ben Currie is just a figurehead for his father, a trainer with no horses of his own, who is being blamed at this stage for the majority of breaches of the Rules of Racing involving race day treatment?

Did this young training genius, with the best strike rate in the country, stand there with his eyes closed while his horses were treated or was he unaware of what his dad and others were doing to his horses?

That’s beyond belief and even if you are naïve enough to accept this, racing in Queensland will degenerate to absolute joke status (if it isn’t there already) if no charges are eventually laid against the trainer over this matter.

For the time being I am prepared to accept the words of the QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett that ‘this inquiry has a long way to go.’



JOHN WATT, a regular contributor on the CURRIE issue, to websites including LGHR, sent this interesting email:

‘I thought LGHR may be interested in a ‘stoush’ between trainer Ben Currie and the person that writes for The Last Stride on its Facebook page (David Silver).

It is a very interesting read and The Last Stride has Ben Currie dribbling absolute garbage, to quote, he is ‘clueless’.

If this is how Mr Currie intends to defend himself and his stable he better have a second job lined up.

I wouldn't mind betting his comments regarding QRIC will not go unnoticed. 

The verbal backlash from Ben Currie followed these comments by David Silver on Facebook:

‘There is plenty yet to play out with the actual registered trainer of Currie Racing, Ben Currie still to face the music.

Race-day treatment equates to cheating under the Australian Rules of Racing as we have just seen with trainer Robert Smerdon & company in Victoria.

With so many of Ben Curries employees being found guilty of race-day treatments, for the benefit of racing participants, the QRIC needs to be clarifying how long have these type of treatments been going on and how many opposing trainers, jockeys and owners have been robbed of their rightful winnings as a result.

I am assuming that any of the above runners mentioned will be disqualified with the rightful prize-money earners receiving their entitlements.

Time will tell.’

THE cross-fire that followed could be interpreted as BEN CURRIE putting all his eggs in the QCAT basket and licking their dicks while suggesting QRIC basically don’t know what they are doing and are immaterial. DAVID SILVER of THE LAST STRIDE battled to get his point across to Currie about the reasons for the action taken by QRIC.  

The general industry feeling is that at the end of the day if QCAT find a technicality in the Currie rulings and let them off, good luck to them but the big loser will be Queensland Racing which will forever be regarded in the eyes of many as a laughing stock. As for Ben and Mark Currie, well they will also forever have a dark cloud hanging over them, regardless of what happens in future. The only winner in all of this is for the racing playing field in Queensland to become a level one which the majority now believe it is not.


TWO interesting emails we received were on different but interesting topics:


ONE asked why the necessity to fly SAM HYLAND from VICTORIA to do the on-course post-race interviews when QUEENSLANDER BERNADETTE COOPER is sitting trackside basically doing nothing.

It’s a crazy situation where SKY sees fit to fly Cooper to Sydney during their carnival but apparently believes they need to bring Hyland from Melbourne to do the same job in Brisbane.

Go figure but stuff the cost to the industry!



THEN there was this one concerning arguably the world’s best jockey – Joao (Joe) Moreira that emanates from Hong Kong.

Story goes that Moreira is getting off-side with more and more trainers in Honkers because of his lack of reliability to take mounts he has accepted.

One prominent trainer has given him 'life' from riding for a top stable. “He rode a horse of mine and asked to ride it for sure when next it started. But when it accepted he rang late and said he was sorry but he couldn’t fulfil his promise and that he had accepted another mount.

“It wasn’t good enough and it’s not only happening to my stable but many others in Hong Kong who have had a gutful of Joe failing to meet his earlier obligations.

"It’s a different story with Zac (Purton) who is a man of his word. That’s why most trainers, with the exception of Joe’s good mate, John Size, want to see him get beaten in the jockeys’ premiership”.



REGULAR contributor GRAHAM SCHOOY followed up on one of last week’s Whinges:

‘WHILE I enjoyed Len Davidson summation of the total greed of the Brisbane Racing Club, I am astounded by the fact he and Mr Butterfly found anything novel in their misuse of members’ funds and also racing industry funds.

This scenario has been going on in Brisbane racing well before the current gaggle of directors were sailing this little boat straight down the drain hole.

When people actually used to go to the races, those of us in the public areas were well aware our contributions were funding the ‘Toffs’ with the best seats in the house. We did it because we had little choice. There was nowhere else we could view the spectacle.

And then along came SKY Channel. It changed everything. We could view the races in our own homes. We didn’t need to purchase silly gate tickets, outdated race books and week-old pies.

This was while the anointed ones had free admission and slurped and slopped on the feasts Mr Butterfly eloquently described. And guess what? We never went back.

And most of us never will!’



RON HACKETT of MELBOURNE jumps at the chance to bag RACING NSW:

‘RACING NSW and its ‘Tin God’ Peter V’landys have kicked the crap out of everything successful in Victorian racing and now they are crying like babies because Group 1 status for The Everest has been rejected.

Victorian officials have been blamed for blocking The Everest from becoming Group 1 at a recent Australian Racing Board meeting but it seems this might be another furphy from north of the border.

The Sydney-based Daily Telegraph claimed that the Victorian bloc on the Racing Australia Board used its power of veto to prevent The Everest receiving elite race status and that the potential clash between The Everest and the Caulfield Cup next year was one of the reasons for the rejection.

A spokesman for Racing Victoria chief executive Giles Thompson said “decisions on black type racing are a matter for Racing Australia acting on advice from the Pattern Committee who use well established guidelines.’’

“What I would say while on the topic is that Victoria, and most other states in Australia for that matter, are committed to abiding by the guidelines as we believe it is in the best interests of all stakeholders of Australian racing,’’ the spokesman said.

“In the end, adherence to the Australian Pattern guidelines is critical to the recognition of our races on the world stage and obviously brings significant value to stakeholders here in return.’’

RACING Victoria chairman Brian Kruger returned from the Asian Racing Conference and immediately hit back at the claims by Racing NSW CEO Peter V'landys that Victoria had voted against The Everest's quick elevation to a Group 1 to protect the Caulfield Cup to be run on the same day in October.

"It is not actually correct that we exercised our veto rights at the Australian Racing Board meeting," Kruger said, “In fact, the vote around the ARB meeting was 4-2 against supporting the application for Group 1 status for The Everest. The comment that we wouldn't support it (Everest's upgrade) because it clashes with the Caulfield Cup is not completely correct.

"We don't think it is a good idea to run the race on Caulfield Cup day but our primary issue is actually the potential adverse impact on the pattern if the race is run on that day as it would only be run six days prior to the Manikato, which is an existing Group 1 race. Like The Everest, it is run over 1200 metres under WFA conditions.”

Kruger said the issue came down to supporting the Australian Pattern Committee, which looks after the grading of races and makes recommendations to the Australian Racing Board for potential upgrades or downgrades for races across the country.

“Our position is not one of doing this for competitive reasons or anything like that. We have got a view that we support the pattern and its guidelines. We think the pattern protects the quality of our races, protects its standing on the global stage and creates enormous value for our stakeholders across the country. We don't think it’s right that a state seeks to benefit from being part of that pattern but then chooses to follow the framework when it suits them. This is about us protecting the pattern and it's got nothing to do with competition.”

Kruger said it was not yet determined whether The Everest actually met the guidelines to be a Group 1 race because of the manner in which the field is assembled.

“There is the entry conditions for the race and I heard Peter's comments about the fact there is no definition of what restricted conditions actually means, but there is a lot of debate about whether or not these types of races - where you have slot holders selection horses - whether they should be given a place in the pattern.”

Kruger said discussions about an elevation for The Everest to Group 1 status may also be premature. “The race has been run once. We've acknowledged that the quality of the race last year would have met Group 1 status but the guidelines also specify that the race must meet that criteria for three years.”

Obviously V’landys is now adopting the attitude ‘if you can’t beat them belt them’. He’s tried unsuccessfully to upstage the Spring Carnival and the Melbourne Cup. That won’t happen as long as his little bottom points to the ground.

They have Winx, The Championships and now The Everest but none of these can get within a bull’s roar of the crowds that the spring carnival attracts in Victoria. Face it Pete, you can spend as much as you like and complain as often as you do but racing in NSW will always play second fiddle to Victoria.’



ONE of Queensland’s finest ladies in racing, CECILIA MANNION, has all but given up in her battle with the Brisbane Racing Club, Racing Queensland and the State Government (more to the point local Member Tim the Toolman Nicholls) over an unsightly shed that now blocks the view from hers (and other) million dollar homes bordering the Eagle Farm track.

She is hoping to have better luck with an approach to Racing Minister Sterling Hinchliffe who was among the ‘free-loaders’ dining out on the best of food and drink as guests of the directors of the BRC on Doomben 10,000 day.

Here’s what the not to be denied Ms Mannion has written to the Minister:

To the Hon Sterling Hinchliffe 

I am writing to plead for your help resolving this matter.  

I am getting nowhere with the BRC and Tim Nicholls’ Office seems to accept the lies and pathetic excuses the BRC provide.

As you know this debacle has been ongoing since 2014.  The BRC’s incompetence has cost me a great deal of money and caused me an enormous amount of stress. At times, employees of the BRC have lied to me, been dismissive of me, and condescending to me.

I want a quick resolution to the matter however (recently) I received an email from Racing Queensland advising they would update me in a few weeks. I want my house cleaned and I want to be reimbursed for the costs I have borne because of the track remediation and I want the ugly barrier shed the BRC erected in front of my home to be moved.

(Recently) I read that the BRC Committee had spent over $100K on drinks and food in one afternoon. This included $27K on hire furniture. It’s disgraceful.

I will follow this up with some emails I sent the BRC.  They did not even acknowledge receipt of my emails or respond to me.


Cecilia Mannion

HERE’S some background on this issue which not only affects the home owned by Ms Mannion, including correspondence with Member for Clayfield, TIM 'the Toolman' NICHOLLS in April which reads:

I own a property at 48 Mein Street, Hendra, backing onto Eagle Farm racetrack. The house is tenanted and until (recently) had not seen the property for approximately 18 months.

I purchased the land in 2006 because of position and the wonderful view of the racetrack, the hills of Ascot and Mt Gravatt lookout. I come from a horse racing family and it was always my dream to live in Mein Street and watch the horses each morning at track work and on race-days.  

I engaged an architect and designed and built a home around the view.

I inspected the house (recently) and was shocked and disgusted to see an enormous, ugly shed had been built at the rear of my property by the BRC. The shed is used to store the barriers. Eagle Farm did not consult me at any stage regarding the construction of this shed and evidently gave no consideration to their long suffering neighbors.  

I spoke to the BRC (recently) and they tried to tell me the shed had been there forever. I assured them this was not correct and aerial footage confirms this. The shed was constructed sometime in late 2016.

The BRC sold land for development and profit and believe it is acceptable to devalue my asset in the process. The Facilities Manager at the BRC told me (recently) that the shed cannot be moved because ‘we have no real estate’.

After I purchased the property the BRC planted several fig trees to the rear of my property. These trees are now overgrown and house vermin. I know this because I have spent several hundred dollars on vermin control.

I have had to pay additional cleaning costs for the house and pool, costs for vermin control, replacement of pool filters and chlorinators and many complaints from the tenants.

This cannot be acceptable and I am asking for your help in rectifying the matter.


Cecilia Mannion

EDITOR’S NOTE: We promised to follow this situation up some time ago and the response, quite frankly, from the powers-that-be is disgusting. We wonder if the house that Cecilia Mannion owns was the property of the Chairman of the BRC or one of his cronies or perhaps the Member for Clayfield if the establishment of an unsightly shed blocking the view would have even been contemplated. Perhaps there’s a higher authority, like an Ombudsman or even a Local Government court, that this matter should be taken to. It would also be interesting to know if the BRC sought approval for construction of this shed or just went ahead and did the work without consulting their neighbors, many of whom have had a gutful of the pig-sty state their properties have been left in following the redevelopment work at Eagle Farm. It simply isn’t good enough and gives one the impression that the BRC stands above the rules that apply to other residents of the Hendra area.

TOOWOOMBA licensed trainer Mark Currie has been found guilty of 16 charges relating to race day treatment and despite a not guilty plea he was disqualified for two years at a reconvened Stewards' Inquiry in Brisbane today.
QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett said stewards today concluded an Inquiry into the activities of Mr Currie on 24 March and 7 April 2018 at the Hursley Rd Toowoomba stables of licensed trainer Ben Currie.

“Mark Currie appeared today at the QRIC Brisbane headquarters to answer to 12 charges under AR 178E relating to the administration of a medication to a horse on race day without the permission of the stewards and four charges under AR 175 (a) relating to improper practice,” he said.
“Stewards found Mr Currie guilty of administering medication to Gully Command, Publishing Power, Hang, and Giveus A Cuddle on 24 March, the same day they raced at Doomben and causing With A Promise to be administered a medication that same day.
“Mr Currie was also found guilty of causing Giveus A Cuddle, Gully Command, Publishing Power, Ruettiger, With A Promise and Boomwa to be administered with a medication on 7 April, the same day they were engaged to run at Toowoomba.
“The improper practice charges relate to race horses Gully Command, Publishing Power and Hang on 24 March when they raced at Doomben, Giveus A Cuddle on 24 March before it raced at Gatton and Boomwa, Giveus A Cuddle, Gully Command, Hang, With A Promise, Publishing Power and Ruetigger on 7 April before they raced at Toowoomba.”
Commissioner Barnett said these were serious charges and the rules of racing are clear in respect to race day treatment.
“While it is more than six weeks since the ongoing investigation began into suspicious activity at the Currie Racing stables in Toowoomba, it is expected to be sometime before it is concluded,” he said.

CURRIE Racing stable hand Greg Britnell has today been found guilty of 15 charges relating to race day treatment and disqualified for 18 months at a reconvened QRIC Stewards Inquiry.

“QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett said Mr Britnell was found guilty of a total of 15 charges relating to race day administration,” he said.

“He is guilty of seven charges on 7 April 2018 under AR 178E that he without the permission of the Stewards administered a medication on race day and a single charge under AR175 (a) of an improper practice in connection with Givus a Cuddle, Gully Command, Hang, Publishing Power, Ruettiger, With a Promise and Boomwaa prior to the Toowoomba Turf Club race meeting.

“Mr Britnell was found guilty of seven similar charges relating to 24 March 2018 including assisting in administering a medication to Gully Command, and administration of a medication to With a Promise, Publishing Power, Hang and Givus a Cuddle the same day they were engaged to race at Doomben or at Gatton. These charges included four charges under AR178E for race day administration and three charges under AR175(a) for an improper practice.

“Under the rules of racing, treatment on race day with any form of medication is unlawful and this can include products which may be permitted on non-race days.”

Mr Britnell is the third stable hand to be suspended since the Ben Currie Hursley Rd Toowoomba stable was the subject of suspicious activity on Weetwood Day on 7 April.

Cameron Schwenke was suspended on 11 May after being found guilty of assisting in the administration of a substance to seven race horses on Weetwood Day and Silde Canda was found guilty of providing false evidence during the investigation and suspended for three months on 15 May.

As part of the continuing investigation into breaches of the rules of racing regarding race day treatment Mark Currie’s reconvened Inquiry will be held on Monday 21 May.



VICTORIA’S leading jockey LINDA MEECH cracked a century of winners this season when she landed a quadrella at Kilmore on Thursday.

All but three of her 101 wins have saluted in Victoria where Meech leads the premiership on 98 winners leading Damian Lane on 89.

After booting home three of the first four winners at Kilmore, she finished close seconds in her two other rides on the card.

Meech prefers to let her riding do the talking but doesn’t restrict her hard work to the saddle. She is also a trainer and puts a lot of work into her property at Stawell.

“Yesterday I think I planted 28 trees,” said Meech, a green thumb off the track.

Meech is fast approaching her personal-best season tally of 127 Australia-wide winners, set in 2016-17. Incidentally, her four-timer saw her tally of winners from the 2008-09 season to the current day hit 1000.

It marked the sixth time Meech has hit triple figures in winners in a racing season.


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