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THIS is the abstract of the report of a study titled Control of the misuse of testosterone in castrated horses based on an international threshold in plasma that was conducted by a panel of internationally acclaimed academic experts on the issue of drugs in racing.

They say - and it is true - that the chances of a gelding throwing up a swab reading over the threshold for testosterone is ONE in 10 000.

These are the findings of a bunch of unqualified racing Stewards from Toowoomba who were presiding over a hearing into the positive swabs to excess testosterone thrown up by the aged gelding Cambooya Rock when it ran third in a race at Ipswich in June 2018, and again when it was backed for a stack and won first-up at Toowoomba in November last year, eight weeks after it had been beaten into 3rd place at Bedourie.

No information has been given about why it took the Stewards more than a year to reach a decision.

Excess testosterone in geldings is a strict liability offence.

That means it's an automatic finding of guilt, and a mandatory disqualification for both horse and trainer.

Toowoomba Chief Steward Rion Hitchener and his henchman let Cambooya Rock's trainer Eric Ferguson off completely.

They ruled that a horse with no balls could produce testosterone.

It would be a good trick.

Old Eric Ferguson the trainer of Cambooya Rock has got a bag full of them.

He got done for a positive in 2016 with the same horse after it got backed for plenty and won a 2YO race at Toowoomba carrying a big QTIS bonus too.

Leopards never change their spots.

But I guess a bent man has to make a crooked living to put food on the table, doesn't he?

I wonder who else is eating off the plate?




ANDY KELLY, who describes himself as a keen racing and harness racing follower in Queensland, sent this whinge which we have decided to edit out the identity of the media man he obviously has no time for:

‘HOW would you like to be going into battle with (media identity’s name removed)?

Known for his loyalty to the LNP, he must have had a close look at the betting and polls for Saturday’s Queensland Election and has made an 11th hour decision to hedge his bets.

The bloke is an expert at baring his arse, especially for officaldom if there's something in it for him, and is now using every media outlet available to him to do a nice lick over to Labor and its Minister Sterling Hinchliffe.

It’s sad really – the bloke would sell his soul for a song to protect his own interests in the media and politically. He’s been a rank failure at everything he has ever done. He’s run out of friends, kicking those that helped him when they were down and biting the hands that fed him when he needed hand-outs to rescue his repeated failed betting exploits.

A would-be-if-he-could-be, legend in his own lunchtime, who doesn’t realize just how much of a joke he is not only from those close to two codes of racing but also in the eyes of the public at large. One thing’s for sure whoever loses Saturday’s election will still be front and centre in four years’ time. The same cannot be said for him.’       



TERRY GALLAGHER of BRISBANE sent this email about racing and politics:

‘AS much as I love reading the weekly contribution from ‘Godfrey Smith’ the bloke must have rocks in his head if he thinks the LNP can win Saturday’s State Election.

Does he think the corporate bookies are betting close to $5 the LNP and $1.3 Labor out of the kindness of their hearts?

From a racing perspective can we afford four years of the LNP after what they have delivered in the past? Has anyone forgotten Steve Dickson when he was Racing Minister predicting that under an LNP Government racing in Queensland would wind up a furlong in front of NSW and Victoria? That moron jumped ship to One Nation and even they were quick to learn what a dill he is.

Then we had Racecourse Road Tim Nicholls, when he was LNP Treasurer, telling the faithful that within a year Eagle Farm would be one of the best racetracks in the world. That redevelopment was an absolute disaster but then again it was April Fools’ Day when ‘the Tool Man’ made that prediction.

If the LNP wins Government it will be back to the future with the dismantling of QRIC (they don’t want transparency in racing) and a return to separate Boards for the three codes which will just cost the industry more.’



NEVILLE AGANOFF of CHAPEL HILL sent the following emails:

‘PRINCE OF ARRAN is running at Ipswich on Wednesday and Prince of Arran is running at Flemington next Tuesday in the Melbourne Cup.

Different horses!

My computer system drops the country suffix shown in many form guides which I correctly differentiate them. Prince 1 is from NZ, Prince 2 is from GB.

I accept that officials will respond that the country suffix makes the difference between names and my personal database is not up to it managing this due to my shortcut in dropping the suffix.

However, huge corporate bookmaker Sportsbet provides a black book service with notifications of upcoming runners. I had blackbooked Prince 2 (GB) in Sportsbet. Even Sportsbet with its IT excellence is confused, and sent me an email telling me Prince 2 is engaged at Ipswich 28/10. This is the wrong Prince.

This is not a criticism of Sportsbet, but of the racing administrators.

A few years back, Racing Australia decided to allow foreign visiting horses to retain their racing name in contradiction of the naming rules here. The same name of a lesser performed local horse could be used by the foreign visitor. However, this system is not working. The betting companies’ computers can’t handle it.

My own system threw up Prince 1 as an over the line certainty at Ipswich. Alas, wrong Prince. Prince 1 has career earnings of $82,000 whilst Prince 2 has $3.1mn.

They need to go back to changing the foreign visitor name where a conflict exists with a current racing local.’



AND this thought-provoking comment from NEVILLE as well

‘EVIDENTLY not many people had any interest in the mythical Cox Plate run in a computer simulation last week.

The idea was fine to have this race, until the experts included three overseas horses that had never run in the race.

After reading opinions of experts of whether Might and Power or Phar Lap or Winx or any previous champion would ‘win’ it, I waited in anticipation.

What a let-down!

Talk about being depressed by a result.

The geniuses who produced the result had two ‘never ran in the race’ blow ins Frankel and Secretariat run first and second.

How ridiculous to have a mythical Cox Plate to decide the best of all time when they say the previous winners were not good enough.

Oh dear!’



By ARCHIE BUTTERFLY courtesy of his subscriber only website www.peterprofit.com

THE South Australian Harness Racing Club (SAHRC) that owns the Globe Derby track and runs racing there are broke, flat broke, and have been for years.

A month ago the club couldn't even raise 10 grand to pay its annual affiliation fee to the national peak body Harness Racing Australia (HRA).

Everyone in harness racing knows that the reason that Globe Derby couldn't raise the 10 grand scratch was because the Principal Racing Association in South Australia - Harness Racing SA, or HRSA (confused by the acronyms yet? I was for months) - owes Globe Derby more than $300,000 in fees for the club letting them (HRSA) race there and earn money.

That's the bit that everyone seems to have missed.

HRSA only exist because it collects the SA share of wagering revenue from bets placed on harness racing in the State.

You can't receive a share of bets placed on a race unless there is somewhere to run the race.

But HRSA don't own any tracks.

It's just a body created by the Government, with no independent assets or income at all.

To earn anything - even to survive until next week - it needs tracks to race on, so it rents them off clubs.

And then, in the case of Globe Derby at least, it doesn't pay the rent.

SAHRC cops the income from its share of the bets placed on Globe Derby alright, but it won't pass the club's share in the form of rent on.

The rent is the club's principal form of income, so when it doesn't get paid the club goes broke, just like you would if your boss didn't pay you for a year.

But the club wants to keep being a club, because it has a proud history and its run by volunteers who love harness racing and give huge amounts of their own time that they could be spending elsewhere - like playing at the beach with their grandkids for example - to keep the club and the sport going, and because the bills don't stop coming in it needs money to pay them.

So the volunteers vote to borrow money, or to sell bits of unused land that the club owns, so that they can raise the money for the rates and water, and to keep the electricity company happy so they will give them power to keep the lights on.

All the while the club hopes that HRSA will pay them what it owes, so that the club can pay the people that it has borrowed money.

But HRSA never pays.

Instead it sells its vote to the other members of the Harness Racing Australia Board who want something for themselves, in return for the HRA board members supporting a resolution to pull Globe Derby's racing license on the basis that it can't pay the affiliation fee that it can't pay because HRSA won't pay them the rent.

It is the perfect con.

If Globe Derby gets deregistered it has no standing to take legal action against HRSA to recover the 300k plus that the Principal Racing Association owes it, which means that HRSA gets away with keeping 300 large in its pockets and claiming that it has made a $50,000 profit, when in fact it has lost a quarter of a million bucks in the space of a year.

It also means that the club's main creditor - the Police Credit Union, to which Globe Derby owes just over a million dollars - gets to foreclose on the mortgage that it holds over the race track and all of the surrounds.

This is where the fix is really in.

The newly appointed Chairman of HRSA is a faded former local footy star gone to seed named George Fiacchi, whose post footy career has been centred on running a PR outfit that is almost exclusively engaged for work by companies owned or run by his old footy mates or people who have bought into the myth that because he could occasionally kick a footy straight. Fiacchi is some sort of genius, when the truth is that he is anything but.

One of these companies is the Police Credit Union, Globe Derby's principal creditor.

What do you reckon that the Police Credit Union is going to do when they foreclose on Globe Derby and the administrator chucks them the keys to the joint?

I know, and so does Clip Clop Kev Seymour.

They are going to throw them to their mate George, the newly appointed Chairman of HRSA, and say ‘There you go champ. All yours. Go for your life’.

And five minutes later HRSA is going to sell Globe Derby to George's former footy mates or fans who now run property development companies.

Blokes with Sicilian or Calabrian surnames, who own large vineyards in the Adelaide Hills, right along the motorway that runs up to Griffith.

That's what is going to happen.

Or was.

It can't anymore, because Kevin Seymour has stepped in to loan the club the money to pay the Police Credit Union, and everyone else that it owes.

Globe Derby was cactus a week ago.





And now in the most unexpected blink of an eyelash in history, suddenly it’s alive.

And it’s all thanks to Kevin Seymour A.M., the greatest benefactor that Australian harness racing has ever known.

No-one can ever accuse me of being a Seymour suckhole, like blokes such as Marshal Dobson or Adam Hamilton and unlike them I have a long history of going toe to toe with Clip Clop and calling him a c**t when he deserves to be called one, and I still will when he does.

But not on this case.

Everyone is reading this wrong, and the South Australian media is distorting it to paint the media editors mate or hero - George Fiachhi - pretty.

Fiacchi had never been to a trot meeting in his life before being appointed the Chairman of HRSA.

Kevin Seymour and his wife Kay have been going to the trots for more than 50 years, and have ploughed tens, perhaps hundreds, of millions into the sport during that time.

Clip Clop has been awarded an Order of Australia medal for his services to harness racing.

And in 50 years in the property development game the 80-year-old multi-millionaire has never built even a single house in South Australia.

Do you really think he's about to start now?

Don't be stupid.

Clip Clop may well have imposed stringent terms on his $3.5 million loan that has saved Globe Derby from immediate obliteration, but that's simply because he wants to be able to control the club if the current Board can't.

Not because he wants to steal the Globe Derby land like everyone else does.

No, not at all.

Kevin Seymour wants to control it so he can get the club's finances and governance structures in order.

To give it a future.

To keep harness racing in South Australia alive.

Trust me on this one as someone who knows.

Kevin Seymour loves harness racing, as much if not even more than you and I do.

He hasn't come like a marauding Viking to raid and pillage the SA trots.

He has come to save it.

They should build a statue of he and Kay out the front of Globe Derby in his honour.

One day they will.

PS: And David Fowler will never, ever become a caller in South Australia.

Deep down Clip Clop Kev and I aren't as different as we seem, or as people mistake us for, despite being seemingly diametric opposites.

It takes one to know one you see, the good and the bad. Mark my words.

And don't you worry about that.






AS the countdown begins to my favourite week of the year let’s talk about integrity and whether trying to follow the form in racing and politics is a mugs’ game.

The following comments won’t mean much to those millions of once-a-year punters who have a dabble on the Cup – sadly to be run without the crowd of 100,000 cheering the locals on against the international invaders this year.

But it’s food for thought, not only for the regulars who do the form but also for the mums and dads who part with their hard-earned week in, week out expecting to get a fair go.

Let’s start by suggesting that Sydney racing is on the nose – and has been for some time – and with all due respects to the Racing NSW Stewards’ panel, punters are quickly losing confidence in their ability to police the sport – especially where some key identities are concerned.

Week in, week out punters are subjected to massive form reversals with explanations on most occasions accepted; top jockeys slaughtering heavily-backed favourites that more often than not get a case of blows in the market; second string horses saddled up by top trainers beating more fancied stablemates after being backed at good odds; and massive plunges being landed when fancied runners are either strangely ridden, miss the start or get blocked for a run.

Even when stewards do eventually take action, smart lawyers convince Appeals Panels to reduce or throw out suspensions which is leaving an extremely sour taste in the mouths of punters – but that situation isn’t restricted to NSW.

We’ve had ‘Houdini’ Acts in recent months by Hugh Bowman and James Macdonald. And the past two weeks punters have been subjected to massive form reversals by horses from the Bjorn Baker stable then being subjected to the ‘smart arse Kiwi’ suggesting he couldn’t believe one of these winners was ‘way over the odds’.

Fun Fact was sent north to Doomben, started a heavily-backed favourite and went like a busted bum finishing fourth to Grey Lion. A week later he returned to Sydney, took on a stronger field in the St Leger at Randwick and turned in a form reversal win. Stewards didn’t even bother asking a question about the improvement

Stablemate Positive Peace ran 10th in the G3 Angst then a fortnight later came back in trip and won the G3 Nivison on Saturday in an upset. The excuse provided was that the mare got her tongue over the bit. It was worse than that for the punters who ‘choked down’.

Saturday also featured a massive plunge landed on the Waterhouse-Bott trained Knight’s Order in the Listed City Tatt’s Cup in which the favourite Girl Tuesday had her head across the barrier partition when the start was affected. An application by trainer Clarrie Conner and jockey Nash Rawiller to have the mare declared a non-runner was denied.

Knight’s Order, an import with three wins from his previous four starts in weak company in Britain, was a $21 chance when a tiring 6th in the weaker Port Macquarie Cup at his OZ debut. No questions were asked about the improvement despite Knight’s Order costing corporates a fortune when reportedly backed from as much as $34 into $8.

Now here’s where things get a little nasty and the ‘Tommy Drums’ start to beat on ‘Twitter’ and in some sections of the ‘Social Media’. You won’t read this of course in the mainstream racing media where the majority of the turf scribes do little to protect the interests of the punters because they are too bush ‘spin doctoring’ and ‘sucking up to survive’.

Not for one minute are we suggesting any impropriety by any steward but rumours floating around need to be cleared up at an Independent Inquiry – it’s not a good look when a high profile steward who used to work for one of the country’s biggest punters (said to have contacts with top jockeys in three states) sits on the panel that adjudicates the reasons for the defeat of a heavily-backed runner prepared by a top trainer who married into a controversial big bookmaking family. Again, not making any accusations, but there is a need for transparency especially when the high profile steward was rejected for a job by a former boss because of his associates during that time away from the integrity side of racing.

Rather than restrict our criticism to Sydney racing just a couple of comments on the other eastern states. I saw at least two very questionable rides on heavily-backed runners that nothing was said about in south-east Queensland at the weekend.

Melbourne is the place to bet at present with Jamie Kah arguably the best lady jockey in the country since Linda Meech took time out to have a baby and Ben Melham, with a future clouded because he was dobbed in for allegedly betting during an injury stint on the sideline, the ones the punters love to follow.

Interestingly, it seems the more things change the more they stay the same. Danny O’Brien fought the good fight during the Cobalt controversy and is now arguably enjoying more success now than in the days when unsubstantiated suggestions were flying around that his team had some help. Since his return he has knocked up winning races, including Group 1’s and has a great chance of back-to-back Melbourne Cup wins.

The postscript to this story involves that awful feeling in your gut after you have a half decent bet only to see the price blow out the door. In my case this has involved the Queensland Election next Saturday. I thought taking $2.6 the LNP to win was a ‘gift’. Labor has since shortened to $1.25 and the LNP has eased to $3.5. I’m still confident Labor will lose but not confident enough to double down.

How can I be wrong? I used to love this American TV crime drama, ‘Jake & the Fatman’, centred on prosecutor Jason Lochinvar ‘Fatman’ McCabe and his investigator sidekick, Jake Styles. Jokingly I decided that most nights of the week I could watch the next best thing on SKY involving Paul ‘Fatman’ Murray and his sidekick Peter ‘Scooter’ Gleeson. These guys are much more politically savvy than yours truly and when they tell their tens of thousands of viewers to ‘Flush this Labor Mob down the toilet' you can’t help but believe it will happen. Then to add to my confidence out came The Sunday Mail, the voice of the people, advising their burgeoning readership that if Queensland is to have a future they must vote LNP.

Makes it worth having a bet – at least that’s what I thought – until a mate with close links to the ‘goat riders’ explained what’s in it for that Lord of the Rings American who pays them to promote his cause – King Rupert.

Time – less than a week – will tell if they have influence and I am a great punter or just another mug who listens to the coat-tuggers.



By ARCHIE BUTTERFLY, courtesy of his subscriber only website www.peterprofit.com.