LETSGOHORSERACING is designed to be different to the hundreds of racing websites throughout Australia and in many countries of the world. Most focus on racing news, detailed form, statistics, betting systems, ratings and tips, or generally promote a specific thoroughbred business or venture, industry stake-holder group, race club or administrative body.

LETSGOHORSERACING promises to provide the best of both worlds for those thoroughbred enthusiasts who prefer to stay at home or venture no further than the local TAB, PUB or CLUB, as well as those of all age groups who want to GETAWAY AND GO RACING in Australia or abroad.

Our goal is to keep you informed on interesting carnivals to visit through our travel guide, GO RACING where we nominate OUR TOP 10 RACE TRAVEL suggestions on a regular basis.

In an effort to help you find plenty of winners at an economical cost for the leisure punter we have introduce the LETSGOHORSERACING LATE MAIL SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE which is very different to what most websites and ratings or tipping services offer. We like to promote it as unique, affordable and targetted more at the battler, leisure punter than the professional and believe it is great value for money. Check it out on our HOME PAGE.

WE provide a number of weekly features which have changed as we have learnt, what you, are valued readers, prefer. We started out looking to GETAWAY AND GO RACING as our flagship but soon found what you wanted was more along the lines of WINNERS, BEHIND THE SCENES GOSSIP and NEWS THAT YOU MIGHT NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS FROM THE MAINSTREAM RACING MEDIA or ELSEWHERE.

HENCE our introduction of the super popular WEDNESDAY WHINGE which might not be the cup of tea of some officials and stakeholders who have become too accustomed to their kid glove treatment from the 'suck up and survive' mentality of some in the mainstream media. But it has seen our 'hits' and the popularity of letsgohorseracing skyrocket beyond our wildest dreams. We will continue to produce the WEDNESDAY WHINGE - despite the protestations from some officials, especially in racing in Queensland, who urge the industry not to read it. Why is it so you might ask? Because they don't like being put under the microscope or our policy of 'keeping the bastards honest', giving the industry and the racing public a chance to have their say and being objective in our assessment of the jobs that they are doing. The WEDNESDAY WHINGE is here to stay as a permanent and popular feature on this website whether they try to close it down or not - using industry funds to fight us legally. Fortunately we have a strong back-up team who supports our legal battles as well.

LETSGOHORSERACING started as a NOT-FOR-PROFIT website service, aiming purely to cover operational costs. But this soon became an impossibility - thanks to the increasing cost of running a website, having to improve our ability to compete through more modern software etc, and to battle challenges to what we were writing with certain officials and stakeholders, especially in Queensland, misusing industry funds - in our opinion - to intimidate and bully us - in the hope we would close the site down because of what it was costing us legally. THAT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. It was one of the reasons we introduced some advertising and a subscription for the LETSGOHORSERACING LATE MAIL (apart from the fact that our free ratings etc were proving extremely popular and we believed people would pay for this at a nominal and affordable price).


Rather than try and compete when it comes to day-to-day RACING NEWS the best content available in AUSTRALIA and HONG KONG will be yours by simply going to the NEWS LTD icons for HERALD-SUN in MELBOURNE, SYDNEY DAILY TELEGRAPH & SYDNEY MORNING HERALD, BRISBANE COURIER-MAIL or SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST in HONG KONG (which are located on the right hand side of our HOME PAGE). This will ensure that website visitors have easy access to the foremost racing news coverage in Australia and Hong Kong.

OUR POPULAR COLUMNIST GODFREY SMITH - 'Horsing Around' - has returned and is now a regular contributor to the WEDNESDAY WHINGE. TERRY BUTTS writes his weekly SILKS & SADDLES column which we run courtesy of the North Queensland Register, the leading rural newspaper in the land & we have introduced the ARMCHAIR PUNTER to replace our Friday Form-Line and Monday Post-Mortem features which had become a shade repetitive and we felt needed a different approach.

THE LETSGOHORSERACING website continues to be A WORK IN PROGRESS. We welcome your feedback by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The website was established and is owned and operated by JOHN LINGARD, an award winning former newspaper sporting and racing editor. He has the support of individuals with knowledge, background and experience spanning many decades in the racing industry and the media in Australia and overseas. They have owned, raced and bred horses and worked in many areas of the racing industry (some still do), understand the needs of the various stakeholders and recognize the fact that without these stake-holders AND MOST OF ALL THE PUNTER and RACING FOLLOWER, there would be no horse racing. Their aim is to provide a horse racing website that is different but hasten to add that it will continue to be developed and changed over time after listening to your feedback. IN A FEW YEARS OUR POPULARITY HAS EXPLODED.


MUCH of the information and many of the photographs published on this web site have been kindly provided by race clubs, stakeholders and individuals with a love for horse racing and industry communications and marketing departments to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.

We wish to make special mention of the racing and tourism control bodies in the various states of Australia and in some overseas centres. We also wish to single out for special mention Racing Victoria, the Spring Carnival Committee, the Australian Turf Club, the Hong Kong Jockey Club, Japan Racing Association, Dubai Racing Club, Terry Butts and the North Queensland Register and Brisbane-based racing photographer Noel Pascoe & his daughter, Cindy, and one of the country’s best racing photographers, Karen Brook, responsible for some wonderful shots from Birdsville.

We also recognise the terrific work done by DAVID DRINKALL, a Brisbane-based web site designer who operates stop21. View his web site designs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to BARRY TAYLOR, ANTHONY DOUGLAS & WAYNE MARTIN (a team that has helped us from Emanate Legal). We also thank AMY ROYLE for her support on the secretarial side of our operation. She is a very big part of this operation.


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