by ARCHIE BUTTERFLY of the now defunct website itsnotnormalisit

A week ago five armed Queensland Police officers arrived unexpectedly at my home and with a warrant in hand walked uninvited through my door with guns on one hip and tasers on the other.

As my dad, my wife, her sister, and my baby grandson watched on, these plain clothes coppers from the Major Crimes Squad first seized my computer, and then placed me under arrest in relation to a story that they reckoned I had written and published on the website  

The charge they loaded me up with was stalking.

They may as well have called it a brick.

I have never stalked anyone in my life. 

THE Queensland Racing Integrity Commission has reassured concerned industry stakeholders that they are aware of allegations that information is being illegally transferred from racetracks to a major gambling syndicate.

Letsgohorseracing sent a series of questions to QRIC Commissioner Ross Barnett who referred these to Director of Licensing and Stewarding Ali Wade. We thank them on behalf of our readers for their prompt response and transparency on this issue.

Readers have asked LGHR to try and get some answers from QRIC about a number of issues.

RACING Queensland has announced an additional $12 million in prize money will be injected annually into the industry in a move that will provide a major boost to all stakeholders.

The $12m increase will deliver an additional $8.6m to thoroughbred, $3m to greyhound and $400k to harness, which comes on top of the $3.2 million announced six months ago.

The increases will take effect on a pro-rata basis from 1 February 2018 and will provide immediate benefits to industry participants.

WE have had several requests to reproduce some of the debate at the Estimates Hearing of the Queensland Government which related to the racing industry.

Here is a good deal of the debate but we must warn you that attempts by the Opposition to pry details on some controversial topics from Racing Minister Grace Grace was near-on impossible.

PERHAPS, the hard-working CEO of Racing Queensland, Dr Eliot Forbes, would like to explain to the racing industry why the Government-funded Training Centre at Deagon is reportedly on its knees.

The Australian Skills Quality Authority, a Federal Government body, in its latest regulatory decisions has failed to renew the accreditation of the Racing Queensland Industry Training Centre at Deagon.

RQ has appealed the decision to withdraw its registration as a Registered Training Organisation which will have far-reaching implications for the industry in Queensland but the tip is that this will fail.


QUEENSLAND was potentially the big winner from the Tabcorp and Tatts merger announcement last week.

The approval was absolutely vital for the future viability of the racing industry in this State.

It is now vital that the financial windfall of many millions of dollars be distributed equitably – and wisely – virtues that Racing Queensland and the Queensland Government are hardly renowned for.

Just hours after the announcement, RQ CEO Eliot Forbes emailed that RQ was now assessing submissions for up to four new or replacement harness and greyhounds tracks for the south east corner.

Can you believe that?


MEMO to the under siege and under-performing BOARD of the BRISBANE RACING CLUB:

FROM industry stakeholders and the racing public in QUEENSLAND: When you start treating people like PETER TIGHE, the owner of WINX and his family like second rate citizens, it’s time to give it away.

If the Board are so desperate to hold their positions that they produce some ridiculous excuse for refusing new memberships then those who vote the current directors back when it comes time for their re-election deserve what they get.

There are strong stories doing the rounds that Mr Tighe, former RQ and BRC chairman Kevin Dixon and several other prominent racing identities are keen to form a ticket to challenge at the next AGM.

FOR a good deal of my life I have been a proud follower and supporter of racing on the DARLING DOWNS. Toowoomba might not be the vibrant industry hub it once was but will always be remembered as the nursery of many champions and a pioneer of twilight and night racing.

Over the years politics has made a sad impact on Downs racing and those who run it. The scene today is a sad cry and a far reflection on what it once was. But that’s life and we have to accept it or walk away – which many fine stakeholders have done.

Things happen here that make you shake your head from time to time. One of these occurred in the past week and my friends and I believe the industry is entitled to know the background. I am writing this email anonymously because there are those days that I still like to go to the races and one learns quickly in the current environment that you cannot criticize the present hierarchy and still enjoy your day at the races.

So here goes and I hope you will allow me the space in the WHINGE, which I read regularly, to have my say on an issue that has many of us in Tooowoomba racing quite puzzled.

CHAIRMAN Neville Bell’s message to members of the Brisbane Racing Club about the enforced closure of the Eagle Farm track has prompted a host of responses on social media and to this website which could best be described as less than complimentary.

Rather than comment further on the situation LETSGOHORSERACING reproduces the newsletter which we hope will allow stakeholders and the racing public to make up their own minds about this less than ideal situation.

You be the judge on where the blame should be directed and who should foot the bill for this costly mess:

LETSGOHORSERACING comments on the EAGLE FARM debacle

HEADS should roll over the Eagle Farm track debacle and the first to go should be Brisbane Racing Club CEO Dave Whimpey who deserves to pay the price for his willingness to be the public face of this embarrassment.

The head of Racing Queensland CEO Elliot Forbes should also be on the chopping block despite the fact that the control body – following enormous protest and pressure from top interstate trainers and jockeys – has decided to throw the BRC under the bus.

Have a read of reports on how officialdom handled this disaster in the past month and you will see that RQ – moreso Forbes as the mouthpiece – was happy to support the stubbornness of the BRC Board in refusing to accept warnings that a major disaster was looming.

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