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PERHAPS, the hard-working CEO of Racing Queensland, Dr Eliot Forbes, would like to explain to the racing industry why the Government-funded Training Centre at Deagon is reportedly on its knees.

The Australian Skills Quality Authority, a Federal Government body, in its latest regulatory decisions has failed to renew the accreditation of the Racing Queensland Industry Training Centre at Deagon.

RQ has appealed the decision to withdraw its registration as a Registered Training Organisation which will have far-reaching implications for the industry in Queensland but the tip is that this will fail.

What it effectively means is that those wanting to train for positions in racing – such as apprentice jockeys – will need to study interstate (such as the NSW TAFE, which Racing NSW uses) to secure the necessary qualifications. If the RTO appeal fails there will be nowhere for them to qualify in Queensland.

Sources have informed Letsgohorseracing that Head of the Training Centre resigned recently and that there are only two – at the most three – employees there. One of those is former top jockey Shane Scriven and another administrative female staffer.

The decision of the Australian Skills Quality Authority, as published on its website, reads:

Provider number: 31452

Legal name: Racing Queensland Board

Trading name: Racing Queensland, Racing College Queensland

Managerial agent: CEO - Dr Eliot Forbes

Decision type: Renewal rejection

Details of decision: On 26 May 2017, the A/Commissioner Regulatory Operations decided to:
(i) Reject, under hte NVR Act s 17, the application for renewal of registration as an RTO in full with effect 35 calendar days after the date the RTO is given written notice of the decision

Date of decision: Friday, May 26, 2017

Effective date: Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Status of decision: Pending

Status of review: AAT and reconsideration review available

To our knowledge this important decisions has not been relayed by RQ to the industry at whole in a Media Release. Their website, in relation to training, still reads:  

RACING Queensland is the first contact point for all inquiries about racing industry careers, training, traineeships and apprenticeships. As a registered training organisation we offer nationally recognised training with funding assistance from the Department of Education and Training. Training programs are run at Deagon as well as at selected tracks and schools around the state. All programs delivered are from qualifications in National Training Packages.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone (07) 3869 9781


THE Racing Queensland Industry Training Centre was established in 1995 to meet the training needs of the three codes of the Queensland Racing Industry. In July 2000, Deagon racetrack and the training centre was transferred to the industry and Queensland Race Training (QRT) was formed. In July 2004 Queensland Racing took over direct responsibility for the delivery of training in the thoroughbred code and became a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). As a Pre-qualified Supplier under the User Choice 2010 - 2015 program, Racing Queensland is required to publish audit information in relation to it's compliance with the Australian Skills Quality Authority as the National VET regulator. Racing Queensland currently offers nationally recognised training for the following occupations through traineeship and apprenticeship arrangements:


Track work rider/driver

Stable foreman




Who can apply?  
If you are 15 years of age or over and seeking employment in the Queensland Racing Industry, you can become a trainee Stablehand or Trackrider. No previous horse experience is necessary.
Why apply?

  • This is a special opportunity to start an exciting, challenging and interesting new career.
  • Racing is an international industry with employment world wide, and it presents the opportunity to travel extensively.
  • Former graduates have been employed in around Australia, Ireland, America, Dubai, Singapore, New Zealand and Japan.
  • It is a growth industry that includes the world of racing, breeding and training thoroughbreds and stablehands

Training Available

RACING Queensland's Training Department currently provides training to trainees and apprentices in the racing industry.

Training is available from the following qualifications:

RGR20108 Certificate II in Racing (Stablehand)

RGR30208 Certificate III in Racing (Advanced Stablehand)

RGR 30108 Certificate III in Racing (Trackrider)

RGR40208 Certificate IV in Racing (Jockey)

Our understanding of the situation is that none of these Certificates will be recognized nationally if the Training Centre does not have an RTO accreditation with the Federal Government.

Our sources claim that the training situation has gone from bad to worse in recent times and that an attempted involvement with the Sunshine Coast TAFE was a failure.

Once seen as one of the most suitable training centres for overseas apprentices this is no longer the case and the last of these – the Koreans – have departed the scene.

Once again the sad aspect of this is that RQ has not told the industry in general the bad news. They are welcome to right of reply to this on our website but as usual will no doubt prefer to ignore any form of objective criticism which is an even sadder indictment on their performance from an industry perspective.


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